Terms of service

All commissioned art is a service that does not require the delivery of goods to a physical address.
All end-products of the service are 100% digital and delivered to the client online via email or similar digital delivery means.


Physical addresses provided by the client in PayPal invoices will not be shared, distributed or used for reasons other than record-keeping.

Email addresses, phone numbers and account numbers received for Zelle transfers will only be used as a means to receive and send money. The client’s information will not be:

  • Sold to third parties

  • Used as a means of making contact with the client.

  • Used to send promotional content to the client.

  • Used for otherwise nefarious purposes not approved by the client.

I (the artist) do not own your information. You own your information, and your information will be treated thus.


The artist–in the context of this agreement–refers to the following parties:

  • Holly M. Moore

  • HMM Freelance Design & Creative Services

  • Ilexys Crowe / IlexysCrowe

The client refers to the party requesting, paying and/or receiving the services provided.

By sending a commission proposal, the client agrees to abide by all conditions listed below.

Subject Specializations

  • Character

  • Creature

  • Costume

  • Environment

  • Color & Lighting

Payment & Pricing

  • All art commissions are quoted individually on the basis of $22USD/hour.

  • All art commissions are quoted individually on the base price of $100USD, plus $22USD/hour thereafter.

  • Payments are only to be made via PayPal invoice or Zelle transfer (US clients only), direct payment as cash, money order or cashier's check.

  • Bitcoin (BTC) is also an acceptable form of payment, and will be accepted for the equivalent USD value at the time of receipt. Please see the Commission Info page for the applicable QR code.

  • A project proposed by the client must be approved by the artist before any exchange is made.

  • Full payment must be received by the artist from the client before any work on an approved project (including thumbnails, initial sketches, etc.) can begin. Payment will not be accepted in the form of installment plans.

  • All exchanges are non-refundable.


  • All requesting clients must be a minimum of 18 years of age, and--by sending the commission request--agree that they are 18 years of age or older.

  • The artist maintains the right to reject any commission proposal for any reason.

  • The artist maintains the right to cancel any commission project for any reason.

  • The artist maintains the right to postpone starting or continuing work on a commission project for any reason.

  • All revisions to commission request details must be sent in within 24 hours of payment by the client, after which the artist will move forward with the initial details.

  • All revisions to each draft/snapshot of commission process must be sent within 24 hours of reception by the client, after which the artist will move forward from the provided draft/snapshot.

  • All commission requests are requests of the artist for a service to the client, and does not result in a physical finished product. The finished image or design belongs to the artist upon completion, and may be displayed in the artist’s portfolio or in any form the artist chooses. The client maintains ownership of any IP or content of their own creation present within the finished image/design, and will be credited accordingly by the artist. The client may only use the commissioned image/design in ways that are explicitly detailed in writing by the artist, and in no other form or location unless specified in writing by the artist.

  • The client may not redistribute the finished product or derivative works thereof for monetary gain in any form without explicit written permission from the artist. Failure to comply with this will result in a fine of 100% of the original price of the commission per item sold that references the original work, plus an additional 50% of the price of the commission per item sold that references the original work for damages.

  • The client agrees not to request nor impose a style, medium, subject-matter or level of skill that is not represented by the artist's portfolio nor listed above under Subject Specializations unless agreed to by the artist.

  • Commissioned artwork that is intended as assets for third-party projects (ex. games, movies, television, promotions, etc.) are subject to a royalty agreement between the artist and the client.

Please note that these terms are subject to change at any time for any reason. The artist maintains no liability for losses or grievances as a result of a change in the terms.


Last Updated: March 2, 2019