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Ongoing support is moving to SubscribeStar in 2020!

Warning: This entry discusses subject-matter intended for a mature audience. Readers be advised!

Hello, everyone! I hope you're having a safe, happy holiday season! Some important updates are coming in 2020, including how long-term support for creative projects is going to be handled. Firstly, I will be moving my ongoing support to from Patreon to SubscribeStar!

Why am I doing this? Let's just say I have some disagreements with PayPal (a major payment processor for Patreon) that will likely not be rectified unless the company undergoes a management overhaul. For some context, I am an open supporter of mature/adult content and the creators who make it. I guess I can consider myself in this camp, as well, since some of the fiction I am working on falls into the adult category, as does the illustration work that accompanies it. For the record, I do not support:

  • Human trafficking.

  • Adult entertainment that participates in human trafficking.

  • Adult entertainment being tailored to appeal to minors.

  • Non-consensual themes in adult media

What I do support is skill and craftsmanship (regardless of subject-matter) and the ability for adults to continue to view and support media created for them without payment processor gate-keeping. Because of the presence of PayPal as a payment processor, mature creators on Patreon are subjected to painful amounts of scrutiny and (in extreme cases) being removed from the platform (and their main source of income) entirely. In moving to SubscribeStar (which does not utilize PayPal as a payment processor, at least for the moment), I am giving myself more freedom to share my content exactly how it's meant to be, without having to cut corners to appeal to payment processor expectations.

If you would like to be an ongoing supporter of my work, become a supporter now and stay tuned in 2020 for new, exclusive content!

Thank you very much for your ongoing support!

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