What the artist will accept for commission requests:

  • Original characters created by the client.
  • Humans, humanoids, and characters with overall human likeness and features.
  • Animals.
  • Creatures, aliens, monsters, demons.
  • Various adult/18+ scenarios.
  • Color/rendering for completed, quality line art (only for exceptional line work).
  • Roleplay character portraits.
  • Original character/creature designs.

What the artist won't accept for commission requests (either due to lack of specialization, interest and/or because of moral or legal issues):

  • Fan art.
  • Giant robots/mecha.
  • Airplanes, automobiles and spaceships.
  • Overtly-detailed backgrounds.
  • Hate-promoting subject matter.
  • Child pornography.
  • Bestiality (humans placed in sexual situations with real-world animals).
  • Anthropomorphic animal characters/'furries'.
  • Anime/manga-style artwork.
  • Children's book illustrations.
  • Graphics for businesses or corporate utilization.
  • Graphics for startup or independent video game/film projects.
  • Excessive gore or 'guro' fetish.
  • Fetishes involving fecal matter, urine and other bodily waste.

If you are not sure if your commission idea falls into any of these categories, please contact the artist at hmm.artcommissions@gmail.com.