Frequently Asked Questions


"What tools do you use to make your art?"

Krita, Clip Studio Paint, Inkscape

Wacom Cintiq 22HD

Windows 10


  • Leuchtturm1917 Dotted Journal

  • Ballpoint pen

  • Felt-tip markers

  • White gel & paint pens

"How can I learn more about your projects?"

I intend to post as much as I dare on this site and on my major social media outlets, but if there are burning questions you would like to ask about my projects, the characters involved, etc., don't be afraid to send me an email via the contact page, or direct message me on Twitter! I will answer your questions as quickly as I'm able!

"Why don't you take commission proposals for fan art?"

I don't take them because getting paid to draw fan art is a legal grey-area in the United States, where I live. I don't want to be sued for making money off of another party's intellectual property without explicit permission from them. I know a lot of people do this at conventions, and they are taking a serious risk in doing so. It's a risk I don't want to take. I only draw fan art of fandoms that I appreciate, for myself, for free, and I attribute all intellectual property to the parties that own them.

"Where can I find your terms of service for commissions?"

My terms of service can be found here. It is updated as needed, so please read these first before contacting me about commissions. It answers a lot of questions you might have and sets the boundaries and limitations for what I can do per project. If you have any questions about terms, don't hesitate to contact me!