Old Book





Before known recorded history, humanity became the Emer: an elven species with no living memory of death from old age.

Their kingdoms were overcrowded, their resources scarce, and their nobility constantly playing games with the lives of their subjects--and their rivals--to ease the burden.

In the chronicles of this grim and fantastic world, we find the truth behind the tales that have carried on through the ages.




There's a place in the woods that's not all that it seems, and it's the small logging town of Grey Falls, WA.

Since its founding, the locals have kept to themselves, and the rest of the world didn't pay it any mind...until 4th of July, 1973, when 16-year-old Seattle girl Gale Moseley disappeared into the surrounding woods.

Her family believes she was murdered by a local lowlife. The media thought she was kidnapped by cultists. The people of Grey Falls claim no knowledge to her whereabouts. The only known truth was that she had been sighted over the years at the edge of the woods, but never found.

In a town where church is on Monday, where nobody goes out on a new moon, and where even the locals disappear from time to time, where is Gale Moseley?


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